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Greenbelt Craft Kombuchas are brewed to refresh and revitalize your day. We use only the highest quality premium teas to produce sparkling, probiotic, raw, non-GMO, and vegan Kombucha with no sugar added after fermentation.

Introducing Yaupon Kombucha

Our new line of Non Alcoholic cocktail flavors.

Our flagship Kombuchas

Greenbelt's entire line of original gourmet kombuchas.

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what makes our kombucha incredible

We source the highest quality teas from the best tea producers throughout the world. Our kombuchas are individually brewed with unique tea leaves for each flavor in order to provide an artisanal take on this probiotic beverage. Greenbelt Kombucha offers an entire line of gourmet kombuchas for anyone looking for a finely-crafted probiotic lift at a price that fits any budget.
Brewed in Austin, Texas using 100% wind energy since 2018.