what makes our kombucha incredible

We source the highest quality teas from the best tea producers throughout the world. Our kombuchas are individually brewed with unique tea leaves for each flavor in order to provide an artisanal take on this probiotic beverage. Greenbelt Kombucha offers an entire line of gourmet kombuchas for anyone looking for a finely-crafted probiotic lift at a price that fits any budget.

Brewed in Austin, Texas using 100% wind energy since 2018.

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Peach Blossom White Tea

A White Peony tea base offers lush and succulent melon sweetness. Dried peaches are added during brewing to pay tribute to Texas Hill Country peach growers, and to enhance the fruit blossom characteristics of the base tea. The result is a perfect union of flavor in this clean, fruit-forward Kombucha.

Strawberry Fields Rooibos Tea

Features a base of Rooibos Tea which presents a smooth and natural sweetness. Dried strawberry fruit and leaves are integrated in the brewing process, yielding a kaleidoscope of flavors in this caffeine-free and anti-oxidant packed kombucha that you can enjoy forever.


Features a base of energizing Yerba Mate which delivers a unique bucolic bouquet. A luscious tea of blood oranges contributes a compelling citrus flavor and a striking crimson color, offering a refreshing and high-energy kombucha experience.


A base of exotic Pu’er black tea imparts a rich plum flavor highlighted by floral notes. Hibiscus petals and a blend of dried berries are then added during brewing to bring to life this clean, rejuvenating and fruit-forward Kombucha.

Blueberry Acai Yaupon Tea

Features a base of local Yaupon tea, North America’s only natural source of caffeine which also contains the mood enhancer and stimulant, theobromine. An infusion of copious amounts of dried blueberries and açaí results in a super-food enriched kombucha that supports your immune system and boosts energy.

Pineapple Ginger Turmeric Oolong

Features a base of Oolong Black Dragon tea with complex, honeyed aromas. Tropical pineapple flavors are paired perfectly with an irresistible ginger kick. This luxurious kombucha conveys all the health benefits of ginger, turmeric and oolong tea.